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 Semi Finals: PL vs SWE

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PostSubject: Semi Finals: PL vs SWE   Wed Aug 27 2008, 15:57

Pinokkio wrote:
In an exhilerating match Poland beat Sweden 15 to 13.

Poland won the knife round and started red, it was a very equal match. Blue held the roof solidly and made sure no Polanders would enter his area. Windows however didn't like this and decided to kill some Swedes with his fast-forward gaming. Eventually Sweden fought till 10 points while Poland got 5.

In the second round it got clear Poland is much more powerful than they showed. With rushing they overwhelmed the Swedes. It still got close till 8-3, then Poland administered the poison to Sweden. 10-3 - Poland is in the Final!

screens not working here either

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Semi Finals: PL vs SWE
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