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 Semi Finals: c4. vs -l-R-Z-l-

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Semi Finals: c4. vs -l-R-Z-l- Empty
PostSubject: Semi Finals: c4. vs -l-R-Z-l-   Semi Finals: c4. vs -l-R-Z-l- Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27 2008, 15:20

We had to play around 20:00 GTM +1 in the c4. homeserver.

We should start with the kniferound, but -I-R-Z-I- said: "You can start red if you want, if not we do a kniferound". c4. agreed with the red side so we started the game.

Line-up -I-R-Z-I-:
- Aytuo [LDR]
- Camper
- Dynde
- Rocky
- Finnie

Line-up c4.:
- Ghostbuster [LDR]
- Reflex
- Indosteelo
- Delta
- Camham

All of the players were running fairplay and all were recording!

With some delay we could start and from the start it was an intressting game between two good clans... The first point went to the russians with a nice round. No one of their team died. After some normal rounds it went to 3-1 for -I-R-Z-I- and they were doing a good job. c4 changed something intern and after the 3-1 it went to 3-3. After this 3-3 it was just like a normal war and it was like 3-4, 4-4,...
c4. was never leading on the red side, but after some time it was 8-4 for c4. and it was going very well. -I-R-Z-I- changed something if I was not fault and it went to 9-8 for them! Again it started to be intressting, but c4. made the 9-9. The last round was for -I-R-Z-I-, because they overpowered c4 in the caseroom.

Semi Finals: c4. vs -l-R-Z-l- 332058274

The second round started after one minute and immediatly c4. started to rush. This side was a quick one, because c4. was taking the first points and it was something like 4-1. After this round -I-R-Z-I- rushed the roof and took the 4-2. This was the last round they could win, because the result of this side was 10-2 for c4.
Semi Finals: c4. vs -l-R-Z-l- 332058279

The result of the match was 19-11 for the men of c4. and they are going to the finals where they will meet 3v. or the underdog +ToF+!

Semi Finals: c4. vs -l-R-Z-l- Delta1pd6
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Semi Finals: c4. vs -l-R-Z-l-
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